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False ceiling tiles manufacturers

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the only manufacturers of the NON COMBUSTIBLE, light weight & non-cementitious calcium silicate modular suspended ceiling systems in India. Aerolite Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Andhra Polymers Pvt.Ltd.

Our ceiling systems are marketed under the brand name ''Aerolite''. We first set up our ceiling tiles manufacturing unit in Hyderabad in 2002, which is first of its kind. In April 2019 we commissioned our second plant in Hyderabad with modern and state of the art technology boasting an annual capacity of over 12 million sft. We are extremely proud that there was no import of technology, machinery and raw materials in introducing this innovative product to the domestic and global market.

We are equally proud to say that this indigenously developed product is one of the best Green products (Ceiling System) available in global markets. Our ceiling systems offer very unique functional and aesthetic benefits to users. With our pan-India strong network of dealers and sales staff, we can reach any remote place in the country for the supply and installation of Aerolite ceiling systems, being mastered since 2002

''Aerolite'' has a wide client base, both in the public and private sector. We are the preferred ceiling solutions provider to Government of India's Central Public Works Department (“CPWD”). Our light weight calcium silicate ceilings have been incorporated in CPWD DSR since 2012. The recently published CPWD DSR 2019 now incorporates a few more related items of T24 Grid with a new HW System, T15 Silhouette Grid and Item for Wall Panelling. Supply only of tiles on existing T Grid systems have been incorporated vide DSR items :26.22,26.23,26.24,26.25. Detailed technical specifications of the above items have also been incorporated in CPWD Specifications Vol 1 & Vol 2 vide subhead: 26.0 NEW TECHNOLOGIES & MATERIALS (26.16,26.17,26.18 & 26.19 pages 1313-1319).

Parent Company

Andhra Polymers Pvt. Ltd. ("APPL"), an ISO 9001 approved Company is one of India's leading industrial rubber products and false ceiling systems manufacturer. We cater to several industries including underground potable / waste water supply, railways, power transmission / distribution, defense, infrastructure, food processing etc. Our product range includes:

  • Seals and rubber gaskets for water and gas pressure / non-pressure pipes of various materials including Ductile Iron, GRP, UPVC, Clay and Concrete.
  • Rail pads for the protection of concrete rail sleepers from damage caused by the dynamic forces of passing trains.
  • Anechoic submarine rubber tiles for stealth applications.
  • Variety of custom moulded and extruded rubber parts for various industrial applications including customized extrusion profiles, bushes, springs, mounts, wedges, grommets etc.
  • Aerolite Ceiling Systems: Manufacturer of light weight Calcium Silicate ceiling tiles used in various sectors including Education, Healthcare, IT, Commercial & Sports Infrastructure etc.
  • TRP Sealing Systems (India): A joint venture with TRP Sealing Systems (UK), the Company is engaged in the manufacturing of plate heat exchanger gaskets and silicon composite insulators.

APPL boasts over 5 manufacturing facilities located in Hyderabad and Pune. Our global reach and client network spans a network of over 45 countries with dedicated partners in the Middle East and UK. Our strength lies in the design and manufacturing of products with the most stringent technical specifications and quality requirements. As a pioneer in the formulation of polymer compounds, we are skilled in developing customized solutions to the most complex problems. Moreover, our advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce both standard and specialized products in either small or large volumes.

APPL's commitment to quality not only focuses on supplying technical products with the highest standards of quality assurance, but also encompasses the provision of technical services, speed and reliability of supply. Ongoing investment in new plant & equipment as well as human capital is an essential component of the Company's strategy.

Put simply, APPL aims to provide superior products, quality, service and committed customer support through its team of over 1500 people and its global distribution network.