Suspension System

All suspension system components (main beam, cross tee, wall angle, chassis, capping, end connections) are be produced from hot dipped galvanized steel, min Z12 (120g/sm) coating thickness,to inhibit red rusting as per manufacturers warranty.

Installing contractor can provide a written warranty, for a period of up to 10 years against red rusting, assigned to the owner, once project is complete.


Product Aerolite Others


0.33mm and 0.4mm (Silhouette)

0.3mm or less

Main T Web Ht

38mm and 42mm (15mm & Sil)

32mm or less

Cross T Web Ht

32mm and 42mm (15mm & Sil)

28mm or less


120 gsm or more

80 gsm or less

Load Carrying

15 Kgs/Sqm (24mm)

8 Kgs/Sqm or less

24 Kgs/Sqm (15mm & Silhouette)