Technical Data


Non-comentitious hydrated calcium silicate, reinforcing fibres and natural fillers. Free form formaldehyde and other hramful meterials. Does not contain any toxic ingredients.

Manufacturing Process

Lime and silica are reacted to produce hydrated calcium silicate slurry which is mixed with reinforcing fibres and fillers and moulded to form a tile in filter presses. These tiles are dried, trimmed, punched and fissured (if required) and then coated to the required surface finish.


All tiles are prime coated on both sides. Standard finish in two coats white dispersion type, solventfree paint.


600 mm x 600 mm x 15 mm edge. Sizes refferd to are always module size. The exact or nominla panel size may differ depending on the suspension system used


350 - 450 Kg/m3

Relative Humidity

100% RH resistant

Fire Resistance

Noncombustible as per BS 476, Part 4
class 1 for spread of flame as per BS 476, Part 7
class 0 for fire propagation as per BS 476, Part 6

Thermal Conductivity

≤ 0.05 W/m0k

Acoustic Control

Sound absorption NRC - 0.10 to 0.75 depending on the product.
Sound attenuation STA-32dB

Light Reflectance



5 - 5.5Kg/m2

Suspension System

Suspension System made of roll-formed hot-dipped galvanised steel.

Storage and Handling

  • Aerolite ceiling systems are supplied in neatly packed cartons.
  • Store cartons flat in a dry locations.
  • Handle cartons and individual tiles on edges or corners.
  • Do not drop or stand cartons or tiles on edges or corners.
  • Open cartons completely and using both hands, remove tiles in pairs with faces together.